This page describes the changes that have been implemented in the Emerald EcoLabel tool. The most recent changes are shown first.

Correctness Checks and GHG Estimator
August 18, 2020
Version 1.1.2
This update includes two new features.
  • Adds a system that checks plant primary data before it's submitted to the EcoLabel tool. This system calculates total energy usage per short-ton of mix produced (excluding electricity) and indicates whether the results are outside the expected range. The expected range was established through a statistical analysis of the data used to develop the Asphalt Mix PCR's backing LCA.
  • Adds a separate greenhouse gas estimator tool based on NAPA's GHGC2 system. This tool is intended for quick estimates of plant GHG performance and uses a different method than the EcoLabel EPD tool.
Data gap fix
July 30, 2020
Version 1.1.1
Updates creation of EPD document
  • Fixes a bug in which the presence of binder additives was not disclosed in the Data Gaps section of the EPD.
Proxy data update
July 6, 2020
Version 1.1.0
This update improves the accuracy of LCA calculations.
  • Propane TRACI 2.0 impacts are now calculated using the equivalent amount of natural gas on an energy basis.The impacts of one BTU of natural gas will be used to estimate the impacts of one BTU of propane.
  • Fuel oil TRACI 2.0 impacts are now calculated using the equivalent amount of diesel on a volume basis. One gallon of diesel will be used to estimate the impacts of one gallon of fuel oil.
  • Fixes a bug in which onsite solar and wind power allocation were not being weighted according to production volume. Plants that use onsite solar or wind generation will see a decrease in A3 PERE values in the EPDs for each mix produced by that plant.Fixes a bug in which offsite nonrenewable energy was not being included in PENRE calculations. All plants using grid power will see an increase in PENRE A1 and A3 values.Changes behavior so that pressing the 'Enter' key while editing the plant primary data will not submit the form.
Changelog implemented
July 6, 2020
Version 1.0.0
This update implements the changelog and adopts a versioning system.
  • Major versions (X.0.0) will occur when significant site-wide alterations to workflow are made or new versions of the PCR are implemented.
  • Minor versions (0.Y.0) will occur when functionality is added or changed, background data is updated, or bugfixes are implemented that may impact EPD calculations.
  • Patch versions (0.0.Z) will occur when bugfixes or minor workflow alterations are made that do not affect EPD calculations.